#Teacher5ADay Health and Wellbeing

Consideration of health and wellbeing is of high importance to me. So much so it was the area I chose to write about under the theme of #CaringIsSharing last August http://wp.me/p4cGdC-1B  A theme initiated by the very caring and sharing @MartynReah.I was PROUD that some of my ideas on supporting staff health and wellbeing were included in Martyn’s original #TLT14 presentation and to have been referenced in his original blog on the topic http://wp.me/p4VbxY-6E

Martyn’s work on health and wellbeing has continued and he is now encouraging us to consider our own and other’s Health and Wellbeing in January under the theme of #Teacher5ADay http://wp.me/p4VbxY-76.

This is my Plan:


I feel lucky to be connected with so many knowledgeable, collaborative and supportive colleagues already both in the virtual world of twitter and in my professional community / extended community. Connecting is imperative for me both personally and professionally. It challenges my thinking and gives me support and reassurance. Both virtual and real life connections are equally valid and I am grateful for them both. I have been lucky to have met many new colleagues in ‘real life’ whose initial contacts were via twitter @education bear, @virkjay, @Cherrylkd, @constant55, @NIchola80, @NicolaWood64, @betsysalt, to name but a few – and there are lots more! ( Sorry can’t mention all or else you will all be asleep by the end of the list) I have learned from all of these people and value their connection. I am delighted to have welcomed some of them to my school and have already in the diary at least 2 other tweeps I am looking forward to welcoming at the end of January. Northern Rocks was such a great place to connect  last year – bring on June 2015! I am definitely therefore going to continue to connect including with the schools in my network – their challenge and support is invaluable to me and to the school I work in. http://wp.me/p4cGdC-1x

Be Active

How could I write a blog in which the heading is ‘Be Active’ and not mention swimming! I have to say swimming has made such a difference to my energy levels and feeling of wellbeing and as mentioned in my nurture 14 / 15 this now has been extended to outdoor swimming! http://wp.me/p4cGdC-2h

PE and physical activity in the wider sense is a significant part of our school curriculum, so much so we have included it as one of our ‘core’ subjects and assigned responsibility for it to one of the assistant headteachers. One of the commitments for this year as we get our new building therefore is to ensure that the outdoor grounds are also conducive to being used and enjoyed by our pupils and indeed by the staff too. As well as MUGA , wheelchair roundabout and wheelchair swings, also the development of our horticultural areas including outdoor classroom.

Keep learning

I guess some of this is covered by the connect heading in that I learn every day from lots of people with whom I connect but my huge learning curve started last year and continuing this year is that of training as an inspector. It has been and continues to be a huge amount of additional work on top of the ‘day job’ but I do feel I am learning alot which I am able to take back into my own school in a positive and constructive way – we have done a number of activities as a staff team e.g. a focus on learning and what it is about teaching which contributes to it, which everyone has found useful and supportive in their work in the classroom. I always want to keep learning!

Take notice

Taking notice is an area that I will have to work really hard on! I live in a lovely area, am lucky to have a really nice garden, pass hills and fields on the way to work but being honest often am so busy ‘getting on with it’ that I fail to take notice. The same is true of noticing too much the things I didn’t manage to achieve each day at work rather than noticing and celebrating the things I did. I am going to work really hard therefore on taking notice and appreciating the things and people around me and maybe write myself an ‘achieved’ rather than a ‘to do’ list!


People are so very important to me and what I can give them and hopefully do already give is my time and a listening ear. I do have my office door open at work all the time unless I am in a meeting or on the phone and want people to feel that they can come in and talk to me what ever the issue is. I shall continue to do so!

I have had lots of years of experience and I feel as such I want to be able to share and support where ever possible and giving of my time and knowledge, including via twitter / email gives me pleasure. Recently a tweep through a Direct message said they were surprised and pleased I had responded and helped – my response – we have all been new to the job or have new challenges at some time and if I can advise, help, support or encourage I will always do so.

Thank you @MartynReah for making us reflect, think and challenge ourselves about our own and each other’s health and wellbeing – Here’s to a happy and healthy 2015!


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